Christmas Wishes

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Christmas Wishes (click on the cover below!)

New Review of "Christmas Wishes" from, Mystic Living Today E-zine, December, 2005 --


"Christmas Wishes by Joseph Moore
The author states right up front and I agree, that this is a wonderful collection of short stories geared more towards the adult reader because of the profanity used to portray how real and painful the lack of Christmas spirit can get for some people. These stories all have one thing in common, these are about ordinary people who had lost the hope and magic that the Yuletide brings, and the wonderful ways that the Christmas earth angels were able to help them awaken one more time.

This book brings with it a total message of hope and faith, and this honestly refreshing approach to sometimes one of our emotionally hardest of holidays was nothing short of a miraculous feat by a wonderful and most creative Dickens inspired writer. Joseph was able by his straight up and forth coming writing style to hold my interest, and remind me of the true nature of Christmas. I would recommend this book to anyone who knows what it is like to lose that precious Christmas spirit and the joy of reclaiming it. -- Riki Frahmann."


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A Shot of Christmas Cheer

Collection of Tales Provides Holiday Spirit for Mature Readers

Children hear countless Yuletide stories to remind them that material gifts do not necessarily make a happy holiday. Adults, however, are neglected when it comes to reminders of the season’s true meaning. In his new book, Christmas Wishes (now available through AuthorHouse), Joseph Moore offers a poignant wake-up call to those lulled by convenient commercialism.

Seven short stories revolve around the holiday theme and delve into the lives of adults who experience dramatic awakenings to the Christmas spirit during moments of bliss, discomfort or outright crisis. The book opens with a vignette of Ebenezer Scrooge 20 years after his sudden change of heart. The following tales focus on contemporary society. In “Gregor’s Christmas Story,” a Russian surgeon endures a degrading job as a pizza delivery driver in his adopted American country. A homeless man feels the ripple effect that comes with giving a simple gift in “Snow Ripples.” The central story, “My Fellow Americans, God Bless Us, Every One,” is an unapologetic rewrite of A Christmas Carol that involves an American President.

Throughout the book, Moore exposes the wide range of emotions and situations that envelop all types of people during the holiday season. With warmth, compassion and insightful humanism, he delivers rich seasonal plots that deeply affect readers. His simple and powerful message is one that every adult should be reminded of now and again.

“Christmas belongs to everybody, and everybody can enjoy it,” writes Moore, “especially when its observation is kept simple and pure, without the greed and commercialism that have latched onto it in recent years like a cancerous growth.”

Moore is a writer, actor and radio personality. He currently works for a small AM radio station in Turlock, Calif. In 2003 he toured college campuses across the United States performing his one-man play, “Marcel Marceau – the Radio Years,” which, “to date is the only serious work about the only mime to appear regularly on his own network radio program.” Moore’s first book, Surf Zombies and Other Horrors, is also available from AuthorHouse.

ISBN 1-4184-7782-6

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